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Microwave Radar System Developmet: Design, prototype and manufacture leading edge radar technology. Our capabilities include: development of microwave receiver and transmitter systems, antenna systems, power supplies, computational hardware and software and systems integration and testing.

Physics Simulation: Development of simulation software with an emphasis on modelling physics associated with astronomical systems.

STEM: Development of educational material for teaching STEM using engaging visualisations for students and general audience. We can also develop resources for teachers and provide educational material that is relevant for education department syllabi.

We bring the technology to you: Our technology is as portable as possible so that we can bring our technology to you for your classroom or group demonstrations. We also aim to connect our technology to the internet so that sessions can be streamed directly to you.

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Mobile Radar-Telescope Development

The first Moon Bounce system is in development. It is a mobile radar astronomical system able to generate a microwave signal powerful enough to hear an echo from the Moon. It can also be used for conducting basic radio astronomy, including taking measurements of solar activity and measuring motion of the galaxy. It is designed to be used for teaching STEM, particularly at the high-school level. The concept of operation is shown in the following video:

Mobile Moon Bounce video

Mobile Moon-bounce radar being tested

first reliable moon echoes received 21 Oct 2020 Melbourne Australia

first reliable moon echoes received 21-Oct-2020

mp4 sample echo audio, unprocessed

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